DLA is a Bari based firm operating within the fields of architecture, restoration, urbanism, research and development, which has been involved in a large number of projects throughout Italy, France, North America and Asia next to international architecture groups. DLA’s strongly supports an architectural viewing as a historical continuum of past and present, an unbroken line stretching from the remarkable past to the multiethnic, digital, technological present, in order to deal with today’s challenges, by combining design with its surrounding system. All staged on a theatre set of functions such as living, leisure, working, parking and shopping referring all to the human scale. Project takes on board the “genius loci”, taking care to bring out the qualities and potential of the site, through the analysis of context, its historical relations and the social, physical and semantic features which have been characterise it. A complex whole capable of generating and supporting environmental quality demands, and able to meet the needs of the users and sometimes educate them to a better quality of life. Site, context, building traditions, materials, climate or views are all building blocks of this way of making architecture, an approach rooted in the value of things and in the sense of what is real.